1956 Differences in the Regenerative Power of Afferent and Efferent Fibres in the Optic Nerve of Anurans

Autor: Humberto Maturana In amphibians section of the topic nerve is usually followed by succerful regeneration and recovery of vision. Two sorts of fibres are involved: afferent fibres from the retina to the tectum and efferent fibres to the eye, whuch probable come from the tectum itself, following the optic tracts. Artículo Completo: 1956 Difference...
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1955 Cell Territories in the Cerebral Cortex of the Rat

Autor: Humberto Maturana Neurone counts different regions of the cerebral cortex were undertaken with a view to making an indirect estimation of the interneuronal plexuses. No special attention was paid to cortical areas or laminar arrangements, and Nissl preparations of transverse sections were selected at equal distances along the longitudinal axis of the brain. Artículo Completo:...
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